What Is Science Doing To Help Victims of Trauma?

Halley Bond investigates what science is doing to support victims of sexual assault.

My Colleagues Don’t Recognise That I’m Bi

Nicole Lane discusses feeling mis-identified, judged, and alienated because of her sexuality

Prince Andrew Still Has Questions to Answer

Jessie Williams analyses *that* Newsnight interview and says Epstein’s survivors deserve answers

How to Help Children Detained at the Border

Migrant families have been ripped apart and treated inhumanely after entering the U.S

7 Ways to Ace a Job Interview

Editor Olivia shares the most important strategies to use when interviewing for your dream job

How Sex Ed in the U.S. Perpetuates Rape Culture

Sex Ed can be one of the first instigators of a culture that doesn’t prioritize consent

On Cutting Ties With a Parent

Beth Ashley tells us what she learned about the realities of when a parent is too toxic to stay in your life

When Slut-Shaming is Internalized

Editor Olivia discovers an uncomfortable truth after an incident of street harassment

So Under Pressure

In the latest in the ‘Is this a touchy subject?’ series, Ben Pechey discusses dealing with stress

Women at War

Restless investigates how in Libya, Yemen and Syria, women face down conflict and the patriarchy 

Nüshu: A Lost Language and Its Links to #MeToo

Despite censorship, #MeToo has taken China by storm. We find out why

Is Vaping *That Bad* for Your Health?

Elissa Cynamon debunks this trendy AF habit

How to Travel as a Vegan

One Restless writer shares her top tips on how to find the best vegan cuisine around the world

Why I Love my Long Distance Relationship

For this Restless writer, long distance has made her a happier person

Written by Katie Ramsingh

July 1st 2019

Why We Spend Money We Don’t Have

Charlotte Moore explains this particularly frustrating compulsion

The Transgender Community Needs Action

Ben Pechey tells us why Transgender Awareness Week must be taken further than visibility

Nigel Farage: Chancer-In-Chief?

Caroline Frost wonders whether Nigel’s “unilateral alliance” is motivated by country or for personal gain

How to Enjoy Beauty Without Destroying Your Self-Esteem

Annie shows us how she buys into the beauty industry without ingesting the pervasive negative messages

Xenocentrism Is Not a Compliment – It’s Offensive

One Restless writer asks whether xenocentrism is the most dangerous form of cultural appropriation

How to Stop Giving Your Energy Away at Work

Say goodbye to nervous laughter and over sharing by the water cooler

Written by Viki Bingham

July 1st 2019

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