How You Can Help End Period Poverty

All UK schools will have free period products from today, but we still have a long way to go

In Defence of the Sex Schedule

Spontaneity doesn’t always mean success

The Dark Side of Nikkie Tutorials’ Announcement

While the world celebrates Nikkie Tutorials’ recent announcement, Ben Pechey wants you to know the full story.

What Is Science Doing To Help Survivors of Sexual Assault?

Halley Bondy investigates what science is doing to support survivors of sexual assault.

Your Half-Assed Digi-Detox Guide

Want to use your phone less, but not committed to cutting social entirely? Turns out, a half-hearted approach to changing up your settings could seriously cut your screen time…

Skins, Sex Education and Being Sixteen

Why Channel 4’s Skins paved the way for Sex Education.

Duchess Difficult

A self confessed non-royalist explains why a woman with boundaries shouldn’t be so news worthy

How Sex Ed in the U.S. Perpetuates Rape Culture

Sex Ed can be one of the first instigators of a culture that doesn’t prioritize consent

Written by Lindsay Michelle

November 19th 2019

Still Not Asking For It

Alice Snape explains why Piers Morgan sexualising Laura Tobin’s fashion choices is just one symptom of an unequal system

Beat the January Blues

Feeling SAD? Here are our top tips on how to combat seasonal depression

The Alternative BAFTA Shortlist

The 2020 Bafta nominations are lacking in diversity – again. So here’s our pick of the stars that should have been recognised

So, You Want More Sex?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution that guarantees bedroom bliss, we’ve found a few surefire ways to kickstart your libido…

We’ll Do Our CEO Thing, Thanks

Three cheers for the ASA ban on another sexist ad. But can we finally ditch the term ‘girl boss’ too, please?

Are We Under Too Much Pressure To Orgasm?

The latest in Beth Ashley’s ‘It’s My Pleasure’ series

Written by Beth Ashley

August 10th 2019

Life On the Family Planning Frontline

At an abortion clinic car park, volunteer escorts find themselves protecting a woman’s right to choose

How to Know When It’s Time to Quit Your Job

Change is scary, but so is staying in a job that makes you miserable. Here’s how to know when quitting is the right decision for you

Australia: On the Frontline of the Climate Crisis

As Australia continues to burn, Jessie Williams looks at the reasons why, and how we can help

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want…

This month, Ben Pechey explores the rewards of going after your true desires

What Trump Is Afraid Of

America is on the precipice of war with Iran. Is it geopolitics, or one man’s ego?

When Slut-Shaming is Internalized

Editor Olivia discovers an uncomfortable truth after an incident of street harassment

Written by Olivia DeRamus

July 19th 2019

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