Bollywood’s #MeToo Reckoning, One Year On

We look at the legacy of the movement that swept through the world’s biggest film industry

Mad About Menstruation

Doctors aren’t taking your period pain seriously? Eleanor Lee understands, and has some much needed advice

Tony Blair’s Whistle Blower Still Has Questions

With a movie about her actions out now, Caroline frost interviews Katharine Gun

How to Help Children Detained at the Border

Migrant families have been ripped apart and treated inhumanely after entering the U.S

The Activists Saudi Arabia Don’t Want You To Talk About

Meet the activists fighting for women’s rights in a country known for its lack of them

How a Sex Club Made Me Reconsider Sexuality

A visit to a swingers club taught one Restless writer some unexpected lessons.

Why Do Women Feel So Much Guilt?

It’s a fact that women tend to feel guiltier than men. Beth Edwards wants to know why

When Slut-Shaming is Internalized

Editor Olivia discovers an uncomfortable truth after an incident of street harassment

What Makes a Great Leader?

A study reveals that Johnson, Trump, and company just don’t have it

To CC or Not to CC

Our career development expert shares suggestions on how to navigate subtle sexism in the workplace

Johnson’s Shady Tactics Aren’t Working

Deadcatting politics is the go to strategy for sleazy politicians, we look at how the PM’s using it

9 Books to Help You Be an Intersectional Feminist

You can’t smash the patriarchy without being well read

Revisiting New York’s Sacred Spaces

Maria Polychronis walks you through her favorite New York spots

Why I Love my Long Distance Relationship

For this Restless writer, long distance has made her a happier person

Written by Katie Ramsingh

July 1st 2019

A Spiritual Toolkit for the Modern Woman

Olivia Wheldon guides you through the witchy basics

South Africa’s Gender Based Violence

Yolisa Qunta says a systemic transformation is needed

Let’s Talk Periods

We sat down with Nadya Okamoto, the founder of PERIOD, the largest youth run NGO in women’s health

What Digital Nomad Life is Really Like

Elly Earls looks at the reality behind the Instagram filter

Home Office Policy Destroys Lives

Leila Hawkins investigates how the UK’s hostile environment impacts migrant women

How to Stop Giving Your Energy Away at Work

Say goodbye to nervous laughter and over sharing by the water cooler

Written by Viki Bingham

July 1st 2019

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