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Written by Katie Ramsingh

July 1st 2019


  • Co-founder and politics editor @runawayluna here and I’m angry as hell.  Planned Parenthood has refused to take Title X funding from the government. This means that hundreds of millions of funding that Planned Parenthood used to provide basic health care to women, particularly in rural low income communities, is now gone. Why? Because the Trump administration would have forced PP to not tell women their option for an abortion or how to get one. As pretty much the only abortion provider in many parts of America, this was obviously unacceptable. Planned Parenthood did what they ultimately thought was right for their communities. But the other side of this is that now, women - especially low income women - are at serious risk. This is seen as a win for the right wing, anti abortion movement. They’re celebrating the fact that millions of women are at risk of not being to access basic and vital health care. When I first heard the news, I panicked and thought that this meant Planned Parenthood was going to shut down. Thankfully, this is not the case - yet. It’s important to note that Title X funding does not fund abortion care, from that we can assume that for now abortion will still be fairly accessible. Now states have the opportunity to fix what the Trump administration has done by choosing to fund Planned Parenthood with state money. That means that there’s an opportunity for us to take action on this. Call your state representative and tell them that this issue is important to you! Your voice matters. It might not often seem like it but ultimately, they are beholden to their constituents - you. If you want to know more, go see @jessicayellin stories. She does great, reliable reporting via the gram. The artwork used here is by the indomitable @florencegiven #womensrightsarehumanrights
  • So You know we’re a social enterprise, but do you know who we’re raising money for this month? Co-founder Olivia here to tell you Restless babes exactly why we’re donating to @doctorswithoutborders during August! We’re committed to donating to reliable NGO’s, and you’ll be hard pressed to find an organization that’s more trustworthy, and more effective than Doctors Without Borders. In the midst of civil wars, such as those raging in Syria and Yemen, this organization is there to help where governments have failed. The particular wars that are going on in these two countries are incredibly drawn out and violent. There is little organizations can do other than provide medical aid and resources to refugees. Of the situation in Yemen, doctor Ella Wong says “Each time I go back, the situation is worse. The trauma injuries are relentless, whether from gunfire or land mines or air strikes.” In Syria, Doctors Without Borders supports 13 facilities in the north - but the persecution of medics causes serious issues when trying to get aid to the overwhelming amount of people in need. It’s easy to forget the reality of war while living in the west, but we believe in taking action for those in need, no matter where you live. All this is why this month 30% of your subscription goes to this organization (the rest to running the site.) Link in bio if you want to subscribe, but you can also donate directly to them through their website! Women give a damn, let’s show them how much. #stayrestless
  • @journo_jen does! Check out her extremely relatable piece about dating sans alcohol. One highlight? Weeding out the guys who aren’t worth your time early. Because none of us have time to spare on mediocre dudes. Link in bio rebels. 🔥#stayrestless
  • Big Sunday mood. 🌞It’s okay not to be busy babes.
  • Hell to the yes! 🔥If you agree, check out BBC broadcaster Caroline Frost’s piece on why an all female cabinet really wouldn’t be so shocking. The matriarchy is coming... Link in bio rebels.
  • An inspiring AF interview with went up on the site yesterday! If you’re looking for meaning, thinking of starting a side hustle, or just looking for something positive to read on what is (in London at least) a grey Friday - this is read is for you! We are 100% here for Ellies’s enthusiastic revolution. Link in bio Rebels. #stayrestless

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July 1st 2019

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